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  • At Premier Cleaners, we care for not only your clothes, but for the environment. We are an end-to-end environmentally focused GREEN dry cleaner and laundry service provider. We make use of the most environmentally friendly dry cleaning technology in our industry to give your clothes the clean, color rich, soft to the touch with zero odor.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Dry cleaning, as the term suggests, is a method of cleaning clothes that does not use water. All kinds of clothing items are instead immersed in a liquid solvent designed to remove dirt, stains, and odours from your clothes.

There are several reasons why people prefer dry cleaners to washing machines. For one thing, dry cleaning eliminates the possibility of your clothes shrinking or tearing in the wash. Dry cleaning does not launder your items with water, mechanical movement, or heat. Though the dry cleaning method is gentler, the solvents used are far more powerful than laundry detergent and can remove stains and blemishes more easily.

We're not sure where that rumours originated, but it is just that: a rumour! In fact, Dry cleaning clothes extends their life. Our methods remove stains that washing machines cannot remove and preserve the colours of a garment. Even after washing, there may be stains and dirt embedded in the fabric that are not visible, making the piece less comfortable and, eventually, unwearable.

Perspiration wreaks havoc on clothing. Worse, antiperspirants containing aluminium chloride can damage your clothes if used excessively. To avoid sweat damage, limit the amount of antiperspirant you use and take affected clothing to a dry cleaner as soon as possible after wearing it.

Best Dry Cleaner in Westford, MA