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  • At Premier Cleaners, we care for not only your clothes, but for the environment. We are an end-to-end environmentally focused GREEN dry cleaner and laundry service provider. We make use of the most environmentally friendly dry cleaning technology in our industry to give your clothes the clean, color rich, soft to the touch with zero odor.
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Our Mission

Our mission is to take your dry cleaning and laundry experience to a whole new level. Each garment entrusted to our care is treated individually by our trained staff and follows a multi-step process:

  • We first look for any stains and pre-treat them prior to cleaning.
  • We then identify the best method of cleaning your garment. It could be dry cleaning, wet cleaning or laundry.
  • After cleaning, we professionally hand press your garment.
  • Then off to inspection where we make sure that your garment is ready to wear when you are ready to wear it.

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Our Commitment:

Our commitment is to provide prompt, reliable service for both in-store and delivery. We are trustworthy and dependable because we give our word and keep it. Our goal is for customers to leave feeling wowed and we believe in happy employees, as happy employees do great work, and, great work creates happy customers!

Social Responsibility:

We are committed to investing in environmentally sustainable practices. Continued investment in cutting-edge environmental technology applies not only to how we clean but also to reduced packaging materials like poly bags and wire hangers.

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