It’s exciting to be asked to be a bridesmaid in a friend’s or relative’s wedding. A big part of the fun is looking for the perfect dress. It is, however, uncommon to find a gown that fits perfectly off the rack. Even minor changes to the fit can make you and the bride look and feel stunning on your wedding day.

Why Do Bridesmaid Dresses Necessitate Alterations?

Bridesmaid dresses almost always need to be altered. This is due to several differences in how formalwear is designed and manufactured that differ from the clothing you normally buy.

The bridal consultant will take your measurements when you try on bridesmaid dresses. The size you should try on and order is determined by your largest measurement. Because gowns are frequently sized differently (usually smaller) than other clothing, the one that fits your largest measurement will most likely be too small in other areas. A garment sized to your bust, for example, may need to have the waist and hips taken in.

Many bridal salons only stock samples in a limited range of sizes, you may not be able to try on your true size. If the dress is ordered based on your measurements, you may find that it requires a few adjustments once it arrives to achieve the perfect fit.

Even if a dress fits perfectly off the rack, alterations to the hem or straps may be required for comfort. Bridesmaid dresses are typically designed for taller women, so they may be a little longer. Even if you intend to wear heels, the hem should just skim the floor so you don’t have to lift or adjust your skirt all the time.

Most Common Bridesmaid Dress Alterations

The most common bridesmaid dress alteration is hemming; in fact, some dresses come with unfinished hems to allow for custom tailoring. Another popular option is to shorten the straps so they fit snugly or to take in the waist.

Tailors recommend buying a larger size when necessary because there is usually no easy way to add fabric for a longer hem or wider dress. It’s much easier to take in a seam than it is to let it out, resulting in a dress that looks tailor-made for you.

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