Eco-Friendly Dry Cleaning Services is frequently dismissed as a sham service that isn’t worth the money. The reality is far from that, and the service can be especially beneficial for those with special clothing or who lack the time or strength to properly clean and iron their clothes.

Here are some debunked myths that you may have heard:

Dry Cleaning is Dry

While the name may lead you to believe that dry cleaning is simply cleaning without water, this is only partially true; a liquid is definitely used. Cleaning solvents are used for the job, and they work well at getting into and removing stains from your cloth.

The solvent is less viscous than water, it can reach deeper creases and provide a more thorough and extensive clean overall.

Dry Cleaning Wears Out Clothing

The truth is that washing your clothes will almost always result in some sort of change to them later on. However, the materials used make a significant difference. Because of its lower viscosity, the solvent used in dry cleaning is less damaging to fabric than water. As a result, your clothes are more likely to survive dry cleaning cycles than washing machine cycles.

The solvent protects your clothing from water damage and abrasions.

The Dry-Cleaning Bags Are Safe for Clothes

When you pick up your clothes from the cleaner, they’re usually in a dry-cleaning bag to keep them clean during transport. Many people will continue to store their clothes in these bags in the hope that they will provide additional protection over time.

However, the reality is quite different, as the bag can become quite humid over time. Dry cleaning chemicals can cause oxidation, which can leave strong odors on clothes and cause other problems over time. Take those clothes out of the bag as soon as you get them back.

Only Clothes That Specify Dry Clean Only Should Be Taken to The Cleaners

Your clothing’s care labels will indicate whether an item is dry clean only. As a result, many people believe that not all clothes can be dry cleaned. All clothing can benefit from a eco-friendly dry-cleaning service. Clothes marked “dry cleaning” can be washed normally, preferably in cold water with a mild detergent to avoid causing damage to the fabric.

The fabric should not be ironed and should be allowed to dry naturally in the air.

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