Household Items

Table Linen

Premier Cleaners understands that the appearance of your table linens sets the stage for the occasion whether it is for a formal gathering, a family holiday or just a casual meal. We also know that linens can vary widely in age, fabric, size and styles and that is why we treat each tablecloth and napkin individually.

We use our years of experience to determine the best stain removal, cleaning and pressing of each piece. Often table linens will have a combination of stains (wax, oils, food and drink stains) that require different pre-treatment and multiple cleaning methods like dry cleaning, wet cleaning and soaking baths. With our vast array of pressing equipment, your linens will be set to go straight from our hanger to your table.

Bed Linen

Let Premier Cleaners affordably help you create the feel of a Five Star hotel experience in your own home by professionally cleaning and pressing your bed linens, pillow cases and shams.

In addition to pampering yourself, it also makes for an inviting welcome for your guests. When you try our service, make sure to let us know if you would like your linens folded or hung.

Bedspread & Comforter

Comforters and bedspreads are purchased for style and comfort and vary in size, style, color, filling and weight. As a result, we handle each bedspread or comforter individually with our specialized detergents, softeners and large capacity dry cleaning machines, washing machines, wet cleaning equipment and dryers, you can feel confident that your bedspread will be expertly cleaned based on its individual characteristics.

Because of its daily use, we recommend that you clean your bedspread or comforter at least every four months especially if you have a four legged friend that joins you at night! This will help protect its cleanliness, minimize allergens and protect its insulating value.

Curtain and Drapery

When it comes time for Spring Cleaning, don’t forget your window dressings. Over time they can collect dust throughout, dirt along the hem and hold odours that you fail to recognize. Using our ultra-gentle cleaning technology and large capacity pressing equipment, Premier Cleaners will freshen and restore your drapes to their original appearance.

How to Get Started

Area Rug Cleaning

Cleaning your area rugs not only make them look like the day you bought them but will extend their life as well. Trust Premier Cleaners to professionally clean your area rugs whether it is an oriental heirloom in the living room or the braided rug in the den.

All of our rugs are cleaned by our professionally trained employees. Our multi-step procedure ensures that each rug is identified and cleaned based on its unique characteristics.

Cushions and Pillows

In any climate, pollen, mould and mildew are hard on our outdoor patio/porch cushions and pillows causing unsightly stains and odor. Let the professionals at Premier Cleaners properly maintain your cushions and pillows to keep them vibrant and stain and odour free.

When you are getting ready to put them away for winter storage or bring them out for a new season of porch sitting, bring them into our store or call us for Free Pick Up and Delivery. We will meticulously clean them giving you the worry and hassle free enjoyment of your outdoor and indoor living space you are looking for.