Saving the environment is the desperate motto these days. Despite all your efforts, sometimes the natural laundry detergent might not be enough to get rid of unwanted stains. So, you end up moving towards the dry cleaners for better help. However, previously, the dry cleaning process used to call for multiple chemicals and their involvement. That wasn’t a healthy option for the surrounding.

But, with the passing of time and the latest technology, things have changed for the betterment. Right now, you are able to come across some of the best eco-friendly dry cleaners in Westford in town. As understood from their tags, these cleaners are known to use eco-friendly dry cleaning equipment and processes to ensure that you have the best results on your clothing, without harming the environment at all.

The Green Dry Cleaning Methods

People, who are environmentalists, are often afraid of visiting the best dry cleaners because of the chemicals used for cleaning their clothing items. However, things have changed quite a bit these days. Right now, some selective companies are offering green dry cleaning methods, which is way better for not just you but for the environment, as well.

  • The green dry cleaning method will not use PERC, which is otherwise the most common chemical in the dry cleaning business.
  • It uses much safer and eco-friendly cleaning products in its place. Their chemicals are actually safe and will add a smooth cleaning process overall.

Methods Of Cleaning

If you are planning to gain some more information on green dry cleaning, then focusing on their different methods is important. Read the next lines to learn more.

The use of a wet cleaning process

Professional Wet Cleaning or PWC is a method, which will wash your garments gently in water with some of the biodegradable soaps. It follows some specialized steam and press methods later.

  • This method is more or less similar to washing your clothes at home. However, the detergents used in this method are way gentle on your clothes.
  • These cleaning techniques are performed with the help of computerized washers and dryers. Wet cleaning is targeted as one safe way to clean your clothes with professional help.

Use of liquid carbon dioxide

This liquid CO2 cleaning method will use CO2 for cleaning the clothing items. The pressurized version of carbon dioxide will help in melting away oil, dirt, and other stains from your garments and shoes.

  • CO2 is associated with global warming. So, it might not always seem to be the best option.
  • However, liquid CO2 can be reused and captured as a product of existing processes.
  • This method has been marked as one of the eco-friendly ways to dry clean your clothing items. Here, the global warming impact remains in the minimalistic stage.

Use of silicone-based solvent

The silicone-based cleanup mainly talks about using the Green Earth cleaning module. It is mainly a liquefied version of sand, which will replace PERC.

  • When the product has been used for its services, it will be discarded and can actually break down into water, sand, and CO2.
  • The procedure has been proven to be quite gentle on your clothes.
  • It is a better method with a focus on delicate items, especially the ones with sequins or laces.

An innovative method to follow With technology advancing at a large scale, people are drumming in some new ideas all the way through to remake the wheel. So, there is always a growing rate of green cleaning methodologies. The best methods are performed by the team from Premier Cleaners. They are easy to trust because of their years of experience. Call them at (978) 600-1991 for details.

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