Wedding Gown Cleaning
& Preservation Service

Keep your memories safe with our wedding gown cleaning and preservation service in Westford, MA.
wedding gown cleaning and preservation service
We are a reliable wedding gown cleaning and preservation service in Westford. We understand the importance and memories connected with your wedding gown, you can count on our expertise to keep your wedding gown clean and safe. Our team is highly trained to treat any stains or repair any damages before storing the gown.

Methods We Suggest To Preserve Your Wedding Gown For The Future Generation

After we inspect your wedding gown, we suggest preserving it with two methods. One is a storage chest that is made of acid-free materials and keeps moisture, light, and insects away. Another is a muslin garment bag made of 100% muslin with ribbon ties, that you can store in a hanging position.

How does our wedding gown preservation service work?

We Care For Your Wedding Gown, You Can Trust Us

Quality Control Measures

We want to keep your gown in the best condition for future generations so we always check for any damage/stain before storing it.

Best Preservation

We use only the best preservation methods to keep your gown’s appearance as elegant and beautiful as it was.


We are very serious about our customers’ valuable time, so we are punctual about our service.

Wedding Dress Cleaning and Preservation Service

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